DocuX for Startups and SMBs

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Put your documents and contracts on auto pilot
so your team can focus on the core of your business.

Startups and SMBs

You can do a lot with DocuX

Move at the speed of your business

Tick Sales contracts

Delight prospects and customers with transparent and flawless collaboration on all contracts and easy and fast closure of deals with legally binding, native eSign.

Tick All legal documents

DocuX is your legal team’s best friend. Be sure about confidentiality, integrity and security of the documents and never loose the sight of the process.

Tick Employment letters

From offer letter template to onboarding in a single flow. Impress your employees before they put foot in the door. Showcase your team's organized, get-work-done culture.

Tick Vendor and lease contracts

Rely on DocuX to build secure and mutual vendor relationships with seamless and transparent contracting process. We'll store all collaboration history and contracts securely.

Tick Fund raising documents

Make an impact on the potential investors and their legal team straightaway. Collaborate, negotiate and give shape to funding agreements. Rest assured of confidentiality and your control over these documents.

Tick Any and every document

Letters, memos, policies, processes, and any document your team works with is best created on DocuX. Now you have an end-to-end lifecycle management, single sources of truth, and it's 100% contextual.

Tick Compliances, reports, etc.

Let your team focus on doing the work they love, and less time worrying about the tough paperwork. They can do compliances on DocuX using templates and convert them into forms ready to file in no time at all.

Tick Collaborate with others

Just as your team can send collaboration and eSign requests, others can send the same to them too. Being on the same platform makes it easy to work with your customers, vendors and the entire ecosystem.


More Productivity

DocuX replaces dozens of tools your team struggles to keep up with, so they can finally focus on the work that matters.


Cost Reduction

No need to subscribe to and pay for multiple tools and services — many of these are native features on DocuX.


Faster Closure

Stop switching between tools, documents, and multi-channel conversations. Get everyone on the same page and close fast.

More reasons to choose DocuX 
for your business

The only full-lifecycle platform for Startups and SMBs

No existing tool addresses the complete document lifecycle requirements of Startups and SMBs. At DocuX we have worked extra hard to build a platform that meets high growth needs of the Startups and SMBs.

The complete suite

DocuX brings together everything your team needs to get work done. They can finally walk away from continuous context switching and multiple tools to accomplish every single task and be more productive.

Your single source of truth

On DocuX, every document is a reliable, single source of truth. Your team is always on the latest version and have all the historical context they need to take documents and contracts to quick conclusion.

Internal approvals via no code workflows

Create and edit easy, no-code workflows to ensure all documents, agreements and contracts are approved by internal decision-makers before closure or eSign.

Get going in minutes. No implementation cycle or costs.

DocuX is completely self-serve. You don't need us or anyone else to get started and keep going. Zero onboarding and change management costs.

Powerful admin controls and role-based user mannagement

DocuX puts you in charge. Admins can customize documents and platform settings to match your infosec policies, set encryption standards, and edit user roles and permissions in a snap.

For everyone in your team

DocuX is built for everyone and is best used together. Bring everyone onboard- legal, HR, marketing, sales, right from the newest interns to your seasoned directors.

Easy as 1-2-3

DocuX is super easy and intuitive and has no complicated workflows. Everything works the way you are used to. You and your team can get down to business in seconds.

Low cost and high value

Unlike most tools that are built for enterprises and prohibitively expensive, DocuX is just right for your startup or SMBs. You get enterprise-level features without enterprise-level pricing.

Keep all your dots connected

Integrate your favorite tools with just a few clicks. 
No coding required.

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Get-on confidently. Scale securely.

Your data and information security and privacy is of utmost importance to us. We are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for the best-in-class reliability, scalability and highest compliances. Wherever you are in the world, you are in safe hands.