DocuX for Enterprises

Transform the way work gets done

Move your business forward with a future-ready workspace that manages
every document and contract that flows through your company.

DocuX for Enterprises DocuX for Enterprises

You can do a lot with DocuX

Complete digital transformation toolkit for better productivity, security, controls, and cost leadership.

Tick Sales contracts

Help your Sales team to focus on what matters the most - closing sales. Delight your customers with transparent and flawless contract negotiation and eSign.

Tick All legal documents

DocuX is your legal team’s best friend. Be sure about confidentiality, integrity and security of the documents and never loose the sight of the process.

Tick Employment letters

Streamline recruitment, promotions and increment communications at scale. Deliver awesome employee experience without compromising controls, security or speed.

Tick Vendor and lease contracts

Rely on DocuX to build secure and mutual vendor relationships with a seamless and transparent contracting process without compromising controls and security.

Tick Fund raising documents

Make an impact on the potential investors and their legal team straightaway. Collaborate, negotiate and give shape to funding agreements. Rest assured of confidentiality and your control over these documents.

Tick Compliances, reports, etc.

DocuX is your legal and finance team's perfect partner. They can do compliances on DocuX using templates and convert them into forms ready to file in no time at all.

Tick Any and every documents and communications

Letters, memos, policies, processes, all documents your teams work with are best created on DocuX. When everyone in the organization works on DocuX, you gain access to holistic insights to help you make better business decisions, and control risks.

Tick Collaborate with others on documents and eSign

Just as your teams can send collaboration and eSign requests, other users can send the same to them too. Being on the same platform makes it easy to work with your customers, vendors, and the entire ecosystem.


More Productivity

DocuX replaces dozens of tools your team struggles to keep up with, so they can finally focus on the work that matters.


Cost Reduction

No need to subscribe to and pay for multiple tools and services — many of these are native features on DocuX.


Faster Closure

Stop switching between tools, documents, and multi-channel conversations. Get everyone on the same page and close fast.

More reasons to choose DocuX 
for your business

The only full-lifecycle, scalable platform

From creation through to conclusion and beyond, DocuX is the only platform that manages, tracks, and analyzes your documents and contracts' full lifecycle. Bring your teams onboard to improve efficiency and scale effortlessly as you grow.

Manage business and risks with AI assisted analytics

DocuX's sophisticated AI analyzes and makes sense of the huge amount of information and transactions your teams conduct on a daily basis and delivers actionable insights for better and informed decision making.

Your single source of truth

On DocuX, every document is a reliable, single source of truth. Your teams are always on the latest version and have all the historical context they need to take documents and contracts to quick conclusion.

No code workflows for every business process

Build, edit, and control workflows for different teams and different requirements effortlessly. Optimize efficiency on the go, no coding required.

Premium integrations and end-to-end automation

Integrate DocuX with your everyday tools with just a few clicks so that your team can focus on things that matter.

Powerful role-based user management

Onboard yourself and your team members, and define their roles based on your internal authority matrix. You can change these roles and permissions at any time.

DocuX is for everyone in your company

DocuX is built for everyone and every use case, and is best used together. Bring everyone onboard— legal, HR, marketing, sales, right from the newest interns to your seasoned directors.

Easy as 1-2-3

Unlike other tools, DocuX is super easy and intuitive and has no complicated workflows. Everything works the way your teams are used to. Onboard in seconds and watch them hit the ground running.

Get going in minutes. No implementation cycle or costs.

We have worked hard to make DocuX an easy self-serve platform. Your teams don't need us or anyone else to get started and keep going. Zero onboarding and change management costs.

Keep all your dots connected

Integrate your favorite tools with just a few clicks. 
No coding required.

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Get-on confidently. Scale securely.

Your data and information security and privacy is of utmost importance to us. We are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for the best-in-class reliability, scalability and highest compliances. Wherever you are in the world, you are in safe hands.